Optimization of your web site will increase traffic by improving it's ranking in a search engine result from google, yahoo, aol or other search engines.
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California SEO, Search Engine Placement & Ranking Optimization Company

Optimization of your web site will improve it's ranking in a search engine result query from google, yahoo, aol or other search engines. Positioning your website is easier than a lot of seo ranking companies would lead you to believe.

Search engines such as google will actively look for optimized web sites (including yours) without you having to do anything, but they must be able to understand your html code when they arrive to spider your site and rank your web pages.

Unfortunately a search engine ranking robot does not have any appreciation for your artwork, no matter how cool it is.
coolmaxhot.com seo | search engine optimization

an optimization helps the search engine positioning robots spider your
website so it can
be ranked.

Search engine optimization companies that charge a flat fee for positioning and optimization of your website are probably overcharging you. No two websites are alike - with flat fees, chances are you will pay too much to be ranked.

Web Site Promotion and Search Engine Ranking Robots

The search engine optimization robots need to read text, referred to as content, to understand what your website is about so they can rank it. This can be surprisingly little positioning text in some cases - 100 optimized words per page.

Once your web pages are optimized, submitting them to the search engines produces faster positioning results because it lets the spiders know you are ready to be ranked.

Patience is a virtue... after your web page optimization is uploaded to your hosting company and then resubmitted to the search engines at least 3 months will pass before you see your ranking improve and you may wait longer for better positioning.

Why? With billions of web pages on the internet, a search engine must spider  thousands of pages a second 24/7 to revisit every page once a month. You're waiting in a very long line for a very short optimization review.

Search Engine Optimization, Positioning and Placement Help

Focus - what is the main topic of your web page? The content on your web pages needs to contain the correct keyword phrases for good optimization of your web site. Popular keyword phrases, need a lot of content and keyword phrases that are too general won't get you a good ranking at all.

Are you spamming the search engines? Essentially any text that is repeated "ad nauseam" will not increase web site traffic. If you remember the old Monty Python bit... the word "Spam" is sung/chanted over and over again: "Spam, spam, spam, spam, Spammm, wonderful SPAMMMMM!" and repeat - just don't do it!

Do you have real content? Content is ascii text, not an image of text. You can easily check this important optimization element by testing if your text will copy and paste from your webpage into windows notepad.

Is your hosting company reliable? Log onto the internet and check the company hosting your web pages often, unless there is an internet traffic jam, your site should come right up 99.9% of the time for good ranking.
coolmaxhot.com seo | search engine optimization

don't let the search
engine robots pass
your website by!

The more web pages you have optimized on your website the better your chances are of improving your ranking.

What does coolmaxhot.com search engine optimization do?

A link to your website is placed on coolmaxhot.com, greatly increasing your search engine ranking value.

2) Coolmaxhot.com recommends your major optimization keyword phrases - this can vary from one to a maximum of five.

3) Your title, description, comment and other meta tags are setup with your major keyword positioning phrases.

4) Your major keyword ranking phrases are included in your content including heading, title and alt tags.

5) Spam and redundant or unused code is removed from your webpage.

6) Your optimized web pages are emailed to you or uploaded directly to your web server.

Call or use the contact form for your  F R E E  search engine optimization and positioning estimate.
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Time Estimate or Price
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optimize your website's homepage 3 hours average*
optimize any page on your website 2 hours average*
build a new optimized home page for your website. 4 hours average* if you do not have enough content on your homepage this may be the option you will need.
host your optimized home page, includes a shortcut link - coolmaxhot.com/yourweb free with ads, this will give you an extra url pointing to your website, a big plus with ranking
submit your site to google, alta vista, yahoo or dmoz $10 each submission, once a month or until your website comes up is recommended
* times vary and are often less then estimate. Hourly Rate is $35 - this makes optimization affordable for small business owners. Please call 760.613.9278 or fill-in the contact form for your free estimate.
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